Guitar Classes in Bangalore

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Guitar Classes

At MM Music School, we help our students to interact with the instrument they learn with the genre of music they like or listen to; giving them the skills they need to easily play along with their favourite songs and compose their own music.

The guitar is one of the most preferred instruments for young musicians due to its versatility in playing and improvising in a variety of musical styles, from hard rock to soft pop. Despite how simple it may seem to see a professional guitarist perform live or on television, playing the guitar and learning to do so take commitment and frequent practise.

Both children and adults can take guitar lessons at MM Music School. In order to teach each student the fundamentals correctly, we combine music theory lessons with practical training. We also encourage guitar students to pick a genre and learn songs to perform at any events.

Students can choose either the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar as their primary instrument because we offer specialised teaching in both. Each course is precisely created and customized to all levels of playing ability.

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Guitar Classes in Bangalore

Offline & Online

Music of Argentina

If you want to feel the unique South American flavor, join us for an evening with the music and dance from Argentina.

A Night of Jazz

Are you a fan of Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra? Then this concert is just what you need! Partake in the night of improvisation.

Music of Many Nations

Our musicians will present you with an amazing experience and unforgettable impressions with their stunning musical odyssey.

History of the Piano

Are you as passionate about the piano as we are? Then join a practical class taught by some of the best pianists in the world.

A Night of Classical Music

Are you an admirer of Frederic Chopin or Antonio Vivaldi? Then this concert will be right up your alley! The night full of inspiration.

History of the Saxophone

Are you as passionate about the saxophone as we are? Then join a theoretical class to learn more about the instrument’s origin and history.

Music of the United States

If you want to feel the unique North American flavor, join us for an evening of music and dance from the United States.

History of the Guitar

Are you as passionate about the guitar as we are? If so, you are welcome to attend a unique class taught by the living legend.

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